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location, location, location.

In Uncategorized on June 16, 2010 at 5:15 pm

i’m moving URLs.

this is my new one:


i don’t know why i felt

the compulsion to move.

i do realise that it’ll probably result

in a rather large dip in readership, which

i think will probably hurt my self-esteem somewhat,

but the thing is…

i let someone i’m close to know about this blog.

and i suspect they told my mother.

and we had a rather large argument.

and i think that it ended with the agreement

that i never had an ED.



but the point is, i’m moving to a new URL,

where i’ll be posting more about food, than

more of my “inner” thoughts about ED.

i don’t want to have to do this,

but i’m too much of a coward to post it

somewhere my mother might see.

call me cowardly.

call me spineless.

but i just can’t do it.

i’ll still read everyone’s blog, but

i won’t be posting about ED so often.

maybe then, it’ll be easier to leave it behind.

until then, i’ll see you on over

at ;yum.

PS. i love you guys.