what happened?

In Uncategorized on April 4, 2010 at 3:15 pm

i used to think

that what i did

i did

because i cared what other people thought.

but soon i realized

that i did what

i did

because of what i thought of myself:




so why did i try to

stop being these things

through things like




why did i lose


in the process?

now what would i define myself as






Have you ever lost a part of yourself because you wanted to be something else?

  1. I used to think that “nice” was a bad word. But then I met people who I would describe as “nice” first, and I realized that I wanted to be around those people. Because I could trust them. And because I knew they’d be kind. “Nice” is a good place to start!

    • I used to think nice just meant boring… but I guess I’ve realised that nice withOUT anything else is the truly boring thing! I need to learn how to be nice while not backing down from my own opinions… I used to be very opinionated, even rude sometimes. I guess I just have to strike a balance! 🙂


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