not feelin’ too great, mate.

In Uncategorized on April 13, 2010 at 7:52 pm

i haven’t been

feeling too well

these past few days.

i think i’ve mentioned



that my unwellness

is associated with.

this brings me to a topic



or, the lack of it.

as you may

or may not


i am a bit of a control freak.

i am also a bit of a routine freak.

not to mention a bit of a rules freak.

i think all of this manifests itself

in my personality

in my habits

…and yes, in my…


an unstinky example would be

the period of time

when i was “recovering”

when i realized…

the lack of stinky in my life.

no matter how much i ate

i could not stinky

so i became bloated

and upset

because all that stinkiness






was camping out…

in my body.

now, i tried everything i could

to make myself stinky.

as my mom said

i ate like the healthiest person on earth.

(maybe lacking a bit in the carbs/protein/fat/calories department, but…)

i ate yogurt, prunes, fruits, veg, fibery things, no oil…





(i do realize the use of the word stinky is a little comical, but hey, things could do with a little lightening up?)

and one day

as i sat on the stinkypot

trying to stinky

yet again

after drinking cup after cup of warm water

jumping up and down

massaging my stomach…

while bent over,

i started to cry.

i didn’t know why i was getting so damn upset

about such a little thing.

i never was very much of a regular-stinky person in my life.


i never had the flattest stomach either.

but it never used to bother me.

but now it did

because it bothered me

because i used to be able to control everything in my life.

because i got good grades

because i lost weight at a predictable rate

because i used to know that the reason i could not stinky was because there was nothing to stinky.

so i cried

because even though i did everything i could,

i couldn’t control it.

and after i cried

i dried my tears

a little wiser than before

because then i knew

what really caused all my problems.

and that means

that i’m one step closer

to solving them…



Have any of your hidden personality traits manifested themselves in any of your behaviour?


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