happy bingeday to you

In Uncategorized on April 18, 2010 at 8:02 pm

happy bingeday to you,

happy bingeday to you,

may you lose all contro-ol,

happy bingeday to you!

many happy returns calories, my friends.

i decided to eat with gusto today.

is it worth the guilt for this

little experiment?

my answer is:

i don’t know yet.

“binging” for me

is a long,




sort of ordeal.

before i know it

i’ll be on another of my timely


(and between-meal)

(and before-meal)

(and during-exercise)

(and during-homework)

calorie buildup checkups.

and horror of horrors:

i realized

that 62 + 25 + 70 + 10 + 10 + 75 + 150 + 200 =


FUCK oh dear.

I’M SCREWED this isn’t very good.

I LOST ALL FUCKING CONTROL i think i may have eaten a little too much.

now i could react to this

in one of two ways:

1) get over the guilt and keep binging and treat it as a binge meal/day


2) stop cold turkey

and restrict for the rest of the day.


even if 1) happens

2) usually happens right afterwards.

so what happens

if i go

1) binge

all the way?

will i gain weight?

or not?

i’ll write up a lab report tomorrow.

i promise.


How do you react to unexpected loss of control? Do you cut back immediately, or do you throw your control out the window?

  1. April 18th happens to be my birthday – and I definitely did eat a lot delicious food.

    But… 602 calories, really, is nothing to worry about. I wouldn’t freak out about it.

    • Yeah, I know… I may or may not have overreacted… my “allotted” calories for each meal is 400, so I sort of freaked out when I went over. Just the sort of thing I tend to do, trying to recover and all… :S

      Oh, and happy birthday Adam! I hope you had a good day 🙂 (what kind of food did you eat? :D)


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