the lovely kumquat tree.

In Uncategorized on April 21, 2010 at 8:47 pm

no, it’s not a


for anything.

there literally is

a kumquat tree

in our front yard.


today i went outside

and felt hot

wearing one layer of

(okay, insulation clothing)

and a light jacket

and i felt hot.

does this mean spring

is really here?

i love warm weather

especially since


makes me

always cold.

but back to these kumquats.

aren’t they adorable?

here’s one in my hand…

just for comparison.

i don’t know yet

if i can eat them

but i’m already dreaming

about kumquat-infused tea.

about dried kumquats.

about a bowl of fragrant kumquat peels

sitting beside my laptop

spreading its fragrance…



Have you ever seen/tasted/grown kumquats?

  1. hello! thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. I appreciate your kind words and your openness with your own story. what you said made me smile!
    GRE stands for “graduate record exam,” and most grad schools require that you take it when applying for admission. I have to take it (and get a certain score) in order to go to grad school for counseling. hope that helps. πŸ™‚
    …and I’ve heard of kumquats, but never tasted them. they’re adorable, though! now I’m curious.

    • Hi Hope!

      I love your blog – I’m constantly waiting for updates πŸ˜‰

      I’m just a high school student, but I’ve always been interested in psychology, being a counsellor and helping people where they need it most – in their minds. I think my ED has just deepened that interest and I feel a lot more compassionate towards other people… I didn’t used to care much about others, but I felt that during ED I sort of neglected myself and gave my all to others. Even though I’m (trying to be) recovered, I find that I’m much less selfish than before (I guess?) and that just serves to deepen the urge to help others.

      I’ve heard that counseling is hard, though. You really have to be very mentally stable before helping others; I really admire you for taking that path! Stay strong!


  2. I wish I had a kumquat tree! I’ve never had one before, what’s the taste like? I don’t seem them very often around where I live. I’ve heard that you can eat the skin, is that true?

    • @Pinjing: it tastes like a normal orange, except all the sweet citrusy flavour and smell is in the peel, which makes the centre sort of sour and bitter. And yes, you eat the skin (that’s the good part!) πŸ˜€

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