broken hearts don’t have to die.

In Uncategorized on April 23, 2010 at 7:55 am

no, i’m not coming at you

with a depressing



maybe it’s because

i don’t have a heart to break?


scratch that.

i do have a heart

and it’s a delicate one

at that.

but i don’t have a boyfriend

and i don’t have a crush

on anyone.

i guess that saying

“you have to love yourself

before you can love someone else”

holds a bit of truth.

no, the broken things

i am referring to today

are literal.

just something i noticed today.

my laptop case’s zipper broke.

and yes, my laptop case

is bright silver.

my sister calls it


cue otherworldly music here

another thing that broke

well it didn’t actually break

but it does this all the time

and annoys me terribly

when i find myself running late for

the bus



i turn and see this:

that my backpack is bouncing so hard

that it’s bouncing slowly open

with each running step i take.

thankfully it hasn’t gotten to the point where

my things start falling out behind me while

i run to the bus

but it probably will

at some point.

then, i came home

and moved my radiator

and noticed

that the wheel had fallen off.

cue nasty flash photo here

as i tried to zip up my backpack

while scrambling for my keys

to open the front door

(because i had, ahem, nature calling)

i dropped my water bottle

creating yet another kink

in the bottom.

now it can’t stand properly.

just now,

i reached for my headphones

to listen to some music

only to be faced with this.

what say you, precious ipod earphones?!



are you truly deaf?

only in the right ear, my dear…



Has anything of yours broken recently?


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