“i don’t know how to ask you this without being awkward or sounding stupid, but…

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are you asking me out?

yeah in a way i am

w. t. F?!

is this the result

of being nice?

so okay, recently in the past few days

i’ve been “getting to know”

a boy in my biology class

as in, i’ve been chatting to him

and being nice

and i felt like i was just being nice.

i was trying to be interesting

and engaging

and finding things to talk about

so that i wouldn’t seem awkward

or boring.

we worked together in a rather fun lab

about breathing

(with the friend

mentioned in my previous post)

and i talked to him

and it was pretty fun

and i found him to be a somewhat





but… i don’t like him, in that way.

i think i only talked to him because

he bothered to talk to me

and because he was nice.

and so, i gave him my email

for him to email me the pictures we took

of the graphs from our biology lab

and then he asked me if i had skype

and i did so he added me

so we started chatting on skype

and got to know each other a little more

on saturday afternoon.

and on sunday evening

he said

hey want to go to starbucks sometime?

[total freeze]


i thought… i was just being… nice?

and keeping the… conversation going?!

i’m not ready for friendships with boys!

i’m not ready for relationships with boys!

i’m not ready for new relationships…

of any kind!

i was stupid, i panicked and i freaked out

and while trying to keep my cool uttered the words

cool sure 🙂

hold on a second, did i just

say yes?

i haven’t asked my parents

i haven’t thought about it

hell, i don’t even know if i like him!

it’s not awkward

that’s a good start, i guess?

yeah i guess

wait, a good start to…


pause. i’m in control.

what can i say now?

friends first, yeah?


so i breathed a huge sigh of relief

and when my previously mentioned friend

came online

i immediately pounced on her in panick.

and this is the summary of our talk:

he asked me out because

he likes me

but he likes me more than i like him

and with saying “friends first”

i pulled it back from “ask out”

to “hang out”

and that future details pend on

what i text him.

don’t i sound like such a




i’m sure none of you wanted to

come here and read about this

at all.

but i guess it’s just a sign

that i’m starting to be normal


at least it’s a sign

that i’m likeable enough


at least it’s a sign

that i’m considered interesting…



What should I do? Should I go “hang out” with him? I’m so scared it’ll be incredibly awkward. Oh, God. I need help. Maybe I should go with a friend? Am I forcing myself to be with people I don’t necessarily like (just… I don’t know, I just KNOW them, as acquaintances) just because nobody else wants to be with me? I’m so confused. I don’t need this right now!

  1. LMAO, you are too funny. We feel your panic, lol the same thing has happened to us our Freshman year. If you don’t really truely like him like that just make it apparent that he is a good friend. But if you do think you might like him, then go for it and maybe make it a group date where you guys go to the movies or somewhere else after, so that it is not so akward. Hope that helps 😉

    • Thanks for the advice! I ended up turning him down to “go out” but I told him I’d just like to hang out more at school. I saw him in class today and it wasn’t awkward at all (I did eye-zap him a few times though haha)

      My friend (from that post from before) offered to do a group date with her… I’m still not sure about that. :S


  2. I’d go for the coffee, but like CourtandWhit said, make sure that he understands that it’s friends-type. Group outings are also a good way to get to know him better without it being awkward and avoids that “does he think I like him in that way” situation. In any case, if he’s a nice guy, go ahead and talk to him, some of my best friends are guys!

    • Thanks Pinjing! As I said before, I already turned him down to go “out”, because I’m happy just to get to know him better in school before going there. I’ve always wanted guy friends, because I’ve never really had them before (it’s that all-or-nothing thinking getting to me again… I either treat them as just acquaintances or I be super nice, almost like flirting… :S) but having guy friends seems like a nice change.

      I think I’ll consider a group outing in the near future, once I get to know him a little better. Thanks for the advice! 🙂


  3. wow I have no advice but this post is so funny!

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