mochi brownie two-bites w/ m&ms

In Uncategorized on April 26, 2010 at 10:51 pm

i made this.


i made these.


i. made. these.


the original recipe is from Pinjing,

inspired by The Cinnamon Quill.

i think it is absolutely genius.

my incomplete cast of characters,

halfway through the first batch…


the m&ms i saved to top the second batch…


which went into topping the first batch…

because the first batch overflowed.


oh well. the crusty bits on the pan were the best bits.

oh yeah, and the bits that dripped into the pan underneath

and hardened into sort of chewy,

chocolate cookies.


looks like dribbles of stinky, but

they were delicious as well.


i only had enough batter left for six more.

these went into lovely fluted cupcake papers…


and came out with these lovely edges.


beautiful. look at that wonderful skin.


whoops. an m&m sank to the bottom.

doesn’t matter.


i made 18 in total.

12 in the overflowed madeleine tin

6 in the cupcake papers.

we ate the one that wasn’t

topped with an m&m.

it looked lonely.

and besides, i couldn’t give

and m&m-less brownie bite

to my friends, could i?

not while its other similarly-shaped friends

had pretty, colourful m&ms sitting happily on them.


so we, the three of us, my parents and i,

each had 2/3 of a bite of a brownie 2-bite.



my friends devoured them.

i think i have to make more than 17 next time.


Have you ever considered making these? Wait, wrong. This is not a question. This is a command. MAKE THESE.

  1. Those definitely look to-die-for! I used to bake like crazy but the weather here’s awful for baking! Will try my best to make them though… after my exams are over. Lol.

    About your previous post on the boy… firstly, it shows that you are not only making guys weak at the knees, I think you’ve shown yourself to be very level-headed. Making it clear to him that you want to be friends first helps set the boundaries and also prevents him from getting his hopes up. Just know that guys are quite a different species from us so be nice, but not too nice. If you do have fun whenever you’re in his company, there’s no harm in that girlie. Just do what it is YOU want to do and don’t go breaking too many boys’ heart ya hear? x)

    Nat xoxo

    • Thanks Nattie! Kudos to Pinjing and The Cinnamon Quill for the idea and recipe. I’m really starting to get into baking, and having a big group of friends to pawn off all the sweets to is rather convenient (and reputation-building?)

      “Weak in the knees”??? Umm… πŸ˜› I’m not too sure about that! I’m glad I made the decision to tell him I wanted to be friends first. I ended up turning him down to “go out” and that I wanted us to just hang out in school more. He was nice and told me he wouldn’t pressure me… I’m glad I chose to be nice to him! πŸ˜€ I’ve always sort of had this problem though… I think it’s that all-or-nothing thinking sneaking up on me again; I either treat boys as nobodies (ewww cooties!) or I be so nice to them that people think I’m flirting. It’s a little confusing sometimes, and I don’t want to lead anybody on 😦

      Thanks for the advice! I really appreciate you reading my blog and commenting all the time. It’s nice to get some feedback πŸ™‚


  2. Dude Wei-Wei,
    those mochi brownies look so good! They kinda look like VitaTops. lol We would send you some goodies to China, but that would be a pretty penny. If you need some nut-butter recipes, we got some.

    XOXO Court & Whit

    • VITATOPS! I’m a BIG fan of them… How they manage to fit in just 100 calories (or less?!) in a beautifully delicious (as I’ve heard?) muffintop is beyond me…

      I know, shipping overseas is so expensive… I’m going to try making nut butter soon though! Maybe almond butter…? πŸ™‚ I only have a Blendtec though, and I’ve heard that it’s not as good as a food processor… Apparently Blendtec (aka blender) is good for liquidy stuff while food processor are better for solids, like mixing dough. I don’t know… We got our Blendtec from the US! πŸ™‚


  3. Yay! I’m so glad you made them and enjoyed them! And good call on adding M&Ms . . . that sounds delicious πŸ™‚

    • Haha I added M&Ms for decoration and sweetness… Because I only had 1 stick minus a tablespoon of butter left, I had to reduce the amount of sugar as well, and I reduced it quite a bit (because I’m not much of a sweet tooth!) but then I was worried it wouldn’t be sweet enough so I literally ran out while they were baking and bought a bag of M&Ms from the corner store haha.

      I loved the texture! I made sure to get reviews from my friends… They all agreed on the cakey brownie thing! πŸ˜€ Good to know we have some allies in the brownie-texture world πŸ˜‰


  4. what a cute shape! looks yum

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