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surprise! or, not.

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well, these were supposed to be

inconspiciously wonderfully beautiful

cakes – on the inside, anyway.

look at the original picture from the recipe

at Baking Banter (King Arthur Flour’s blog)

of course, there were a few differences:

  • mine wasn’t frosted.
  • mine didn’t have those cute monkey and zebra candy shapes.
  • mine was in cupcake form.
  • mine only had 4-5 zebra stripes.

so, without further ado, i present you:

zebra cupcakes.

your ingredients:

i didn’t take any photos of

the baking process, though.

i think the photos of the result are enough.

see the stripes?

no? well…

as you may have noticed, my cupcakes

rose and split, quite a lot.

some feedback on my baking skills/the recipe:

  • the flavour was very classic, just vanilla and chocolate cake combined sort of lightly
  • the texture was slightly too oily (the recipe called for 1 cup of oil, which actually translates to two sticks of butter!)
  • that said, my oven’s heat blares from top down (i really don’t know the official term) so the tops browned maybe a little to much and the bottoms were “moist” – read: oily.
  • i used too much baking powder, which i suspect is the reason for them rising so much.
  • i was expecting a sort of flat cupcake-thing (this looks more like muffins) that i would dust powdered sugar over. not so.


too much talk, not enough yum, yes?

now, out of the cup…

i like the way the baking powder

made them rise so much that

some of them formed little “hats”.

take off your hat, little cupcake.

(what is this, a strip tease?

first the cup/dress off, then the hat.

oh deary me.)

“please don’t kill me! please!”

the hungry executioner stood, knife at the ready.

and she went in for the kill.

“sorry, mr cupcake.

i did what had to be done.”

now i’m a surgeon.

i’m examining what went wrong in mr cupcake’s innards

that caused his untimely death.

i’m not sure.

maybe my “noms” had to do with it.

now, proof of the over-oiliness

that i found to be the case with these…

but anyway, i think that i turned out

with too little stripes.

because i made them in mini-cupcake form,


if i had made it cake-size, it would have turned out like this:

and sliced up to become this:

oh well. there’s always next time.


I think this is a lovely technique that could work with lots of different cake batters! Kudos to the awesome bakers over at Baking Banter, King Arthur Flour’s blog. Check out their new, sinful recipe: “Brownie Ice Cream Cake“. Oh, but before you click: here’s a tissue to wipe up all that drool.

Try this technique! I’d be glad to see how it would go with you guys. 🙂