what am i feeling?

In Uncategorized on May 2, 2010 at 3:09 pm

it’s really hot outside today.



it’s insane! it’s like

spring/winter jump around



in a week.

i love sunshine. and warmth.

i appreciate it now more than ever

since i used to feel cold

and chilled to the bone all the time.

i’d feel goosebumps at maybe



my mom says it’s way too

hot outside

but i secretly love it.

you know what else i secretly love?

…maybe it’s not that

secret after all.

i love the blog community.

sometimes i get tired of it,

trying to comment on and read

blogs and thinking up and writing posts

all the time really takes

a huge chunk out of my day

but i honestly appreciate the support

i get back from readers.

maybe this blog has just started,

but i have a feeling i’ll keep going

and going

and going

for a very long time.

so as just a beginning blogger…

i thank you.

for coming.

for commenting.

for being there.


How did you find my blog? Also, if you have a blog: what did it feel like to get your first comment?

  1. I’d love for you to keep blogging but keep moving forward too k? Let this be a blog that goes through life with you – from recovery to good health, from the bad times to the good times. Remember, as you get healthier, you will definitely be living life more on the outside but no matter what, all of us here will be around waiting for updates on how you are enjoying life, no matter how often or seldom you write. You’re special my dear and through your blog, you ARE already making a difference in people’s lives! xoxo

    • Thanks Nattie! I’d hate to abandon my newfound blogging friends (:D) but I guess that life on the outside matters more… I’ll always be reading and commenting on your blogs, though! 🙂


  2. So true. As long as blogging helps you in recovery, keep it up! I enjoy hearing from you, but I look forward to hearing more from HEALTHY and HAPPY you. You can do this, lovie, and we’ll always be here doing it with you. Drop me a line whenever you need someone to talk to. I adore you! xoxo

    • Aww thank you Amanda! I adore you too 😀 I’ll definitely try to stay positive and I definitely enjoy sharing my recovery with you guys. It feels like a support group right here! 🙂


  3. We found your blog, when you entered a contest, and our first comment was awesome!!! We were so excited, lol seriously went crazy that day. haha, but you rock Chicka, and it is so cool that you live in CHINA.

    • Thanks so much you guys! I love getting comments and feedback from you guys- it’s always interesting 🙂 I love your blog too! I’ll definitely keep commenting… Look how much you guys have grown! 😀

      China? Cool? I’d LOVE to live in the US! Even if it’s only for the readily-available Greek yogurt and hummus and natural peanut butter! YUM! 😀


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