gossip girl

In Uncategorized on May 4, 2010 at 9:55 pm

no, i’m sorry to all you fans

out there

i’m not a big fan of gossip girl.

in fact,

i think it’s a little ridiculous.

as my sister, who used to watch it, says:

“it’s just everyone f**king everyone.

there’s only 3 girls and 3 boys on that show.

there’s only so many f**k combinations you can make.”

maybe true in a way, but

you watch it for the awesome drama…


anyway, gossip girl really has

nothing to do with this post.

i have a weird mind. i think of one thing

and it reminds me of something else

and then something else

and then something else,

and then, well, i usually have to stop and think

about how i got to the thing i’m thinking about.


but i got to gossip girl

because of the mood i’ve been in recently:

i’ve recently been feeling very social.


social -> socialite

socialite -> new york socialite clubbers

new york socialite clubbers -> gossip girl

hey, that’s not far off!

3 degrees of separation.

like that experiment,

6 degrees of separation.

if you haven’t heard of it, basically it states

that everyone in this world is separated by 6 or less people.

for example, i could know someone

and they’d know someone that knew someone that knew someone

that knew britney spears.

therefore, there would be

4 degrees of separation between me

and britney spears.

(see how i digress?)

anyway, back to

feeling social.

as i mentioned on friday,

i spontaneously went to lise’s house

with my friends lise and beth.

(we ate at papa john’s.

i had a salad.

it was sort of sad,

but at least i managed to take my mind

off the food and concentrate

on the socialising.)

and this whole week i was feeling sort of…


i was feeling rather happy,

(despite the nighttime binges

which i’m happy to report

have stopped.

yay for peanut butter on toast

for breakfast!)

and i even reconnected with an old friend


i talked the whole time.

i was talkative.

i haven’t been talkative in a long time.

but anyway…

i think we had fun.

we gardened

and went to starbucks

(their new black sesame green tea frappuccino

is delicious, by the way,

though decidedly a little too sweet.)

(and nonfat milk doesn’t make a difference

in the taste. just sayin’.)

but before all that, we made…


yup. those.

i’ll be posting about them in another post,

since this is a little long already…

but something for you guys to look forward to

on hump day.

(hint: they contain three medium bananas, mushed)


Have you ever heard of the 6 degrees of separation experiment? And do you ever digress… a lot? 😛

  1. Yay to socialising! When you’re stuck at home with books for company because of the exams, socialising gets exceptionally tempting! Hehe. So keep it up and have extra fun on my behalf hun! You deserve it!

    Much love,
    Nat xoxo

  2. Hi! I like the way you write. It’s just so..personal. (: i’m not a huge gossip girl fan..but it’s kinda fun to watch especially when there’s really nothing to do. Oh well.

    • Thanks for your comment! When I first started to write my blog, we were doing poetry in English class, and I really liked free-verse poetry (always have!) so I decided to write in free-verse style. It actually goes a lot better with the flow of my thinking… 😀

      Meh. Gossip girl… just meh. 😛 Then again, I don’t watch much TV, so… I guess I’m not a good judge?

      Thanks for visiting my blog! I got to yours through a proxy and left a comment. Love your motto! Life IS too short to count calories. Amen to that! 😀


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