peenuht boottah and barnarnar

In Uncategorized on May 10, 2010 at 5:20 pm

sorry. i was raving about this combination

(aloud, to the chagrin and

puzzlement of my grandma)

(who doesn’t understand english)

and, well, i have this weird thing

where when i repeat one phrase over

and over and over and over again

…it becomes something else.


peanut butter and banana =>

peenoot boottah und barnarnar.

why am i raving about this combination,

you ask?


i made my own peanut “butter” today.

i say “butter” in

“quotation marks!”

because it’s not remotely buttery.

it’s actually sort of crumbly.


into my blendtec went:

  • leftover salt-roasted peanuts (Planter’s brand)
  • splash of water
  • two tablespoons of sugar

and i pulsed it, scraped down the sides

pulse, scrape, pulse, scrape

eventually it hardened into something shiny

and wouldn’t blend anymore.

i was happy because it is SO tasty

but… well it doesn’t spread

like peanut butter.

i was afraid to add oil.

in hindsight, maybe i should’ve.

i mean, it’s not a low-calorie spread.

it’s made from peenoots, for pete’s sake.

i’ll just call it peanut crumble

(or peenoot krambleh!)

for now.

but in other news…

ever heard of one-ingredient ice cream?

i don’t exactly know where it originated

but i threw a banana in the freezer last night

because i was planning to make banana soft-serve

while i had the blender out today to make

peanut crumble.

lesson learned: put banana in FRIDGE


or risk getting freezer burn on your hands

while you try to peel off the skin.


i had to microwave the banana for maybe…

10 seconds? in intervals.

but i got the peel off

cut broke the banana into three chunks

and tossed it into the blendtec.

blend, blend, blend.

scrape, scrape, scrape.

i noticed that the soft serve was in three chunks.

the soft serve turned out kind of in

three slightly fibrous, stringy chunks.

you know those stringy fibers in bananas?

yeah, think those. except cold. and mushed.

and awesomely soft. yeah.

oh well. it was tasty, especially with

~1 teaspoon of peanut crumble thrown in.

could have done with more peanut crumble.

doesn’t matter.

i spooned some into my mouth a few minutes later.

mmm. can’t say i would be spreading it on bread

but stirred into oatmeal

or pancakes?

sign me up, baybeh.

(what is it with me and weird spelling/pronunciation today?)

oh yes, and for the next two weeks

this is going to be somewhat of a food diary.

just recording the awesome food experiments

i’ll be getting up to…

don’t worry.

no measurements.

no calories.

no limitations.

just, food. good food.

in other news,

i made overnight oats last night

with equal parts oats, water and milk

and cubed an apple and threw a few pieces in

and left it in the fridge to soak.

the next morning i microwaved the entire thing

then halfway through added the rest of the apples.

and cinnamon.

lots of cinnamon. it was newly-bought, so i had to.

lesson learned: make cubes smaller next time.

oh, and sunday morning, i made pancakes.

did i say that already?

if i didn’t, then…

i combined equal parts flour and milk.

and a bit of baking powder,

and unsweetened cocoa.

and made pancakes.

lesson learned: unsweetened cocoa is meant to be

put into baked goods with SUGAR

for a reason.

oh yeah, and my pancakes turned out sort of…

gummy. they tasted fine, but when i went to cut them

they wouldn’t cut very easily? i mean like

sort of… gummy on the inside. yeah.

sorry that’s all i can describe it as.

i’ll be putting less baking powder in next time.

maybe that had something to do with it.

any suggestions?

sunday night: i made savory oatmeal.

my grandma had eaten earlier

and had a plate of sauteed veggies for me.

i chopped it up

and added it to my oatmeal

along with salt, pepper,

and this oatmeal flavouring thing

(we have the following flavours:

  • maple sugar
  • low sugar
  • mushroom/wild veggies.)

(i can’t say i didn’t “wtf?!” at the last one at first.

but it’s tasty, ish. sort of like…

okay, msg. i like the taste of msg.

i know it’s incredibly bad for me, but

i guess a correction would be that

i like the taste of umami?)

mmm. savory oatmeal was good.

i’ll be making pancakes tomorrow.

i’ll be adding black sesame seeds.

i’ll let you know how that turns out.


Have you ever made banana soft serve? How do you deal with the chunky problem… or do you not? (I know that maybe it should have blended for longer, but the chunks were too big and the blender started not so much to blend as to sort of whip it around.) (My soft serve melted together a little, though. And maybe the fibrous nature of it wasn’t that bad.)

  1. The trick to banana soft serve is to unpeel the banana, break it into chunks and put it in a container in the freezer. When you want it, pop it in the food processor for around 4-5 minutes–until it gets soft serve-y. 😉 SOOO good with some PB added in. Actually, PB and banana would be good served on roadkill, as it’s the best combo ever. ENJOY!

  2. Ohh! Tip on the peanut butter; no water, and just salt and sugar if you want. The thing is, you have to keep pulverizing it, eventually it’ll heat up, and the natural oils will start to release. Once that starts to happen, it’ll ball up, then relax again and become wonderfully liquidy and smooth. I do this all the time with almonds, peanuts, and even black sesame seeds and never have to add oil or anything else. Just make sure you give your blendtec a little rest now and then to avoid burning out the motor. Hope this helps!

    Maybe I should do a video tutorial . . . what do you think?

    • Yay, thanks for the tips! Can you believe that I finished all of my peanut butter/crumble already? I guess I’ll have to be buying more peanuts… Or maybe almonds! I’ve been dying to try almond butter. 😀

      Thanks for the how-to! Definitely do a video tutorial – I’ll be waiting for it! 😉


  3. Lol love how you spelled peanut butter and banana. Keep up with the experimentations! They may not always turn out as expected but sometimes the most beautiful things emerge from the unexpected. x)


    • Thanks! I like spelling things weirdly, even though I’m usually a stickler for spelling and punctuation and such. 😛 Experimenting is fun! My grandma thinks I’m weird. 😀


  4. oooh I’ve never made either of those before! I have a crappy blender, so when I tried making banana soft serve with my frozen banana slices, my blender got angry at me. 😦 I’m hoping to invest in a food processor sometimes soon though!

    I really enjoy reading your blog btw. It’s different and funny!

    • Thanks for visiting my blog! I really like yours too. I should really start looking into yoga! 😀 I hope you’re having a great time in Taiwan. 🙂

      Food processors seem so much better than blenders… Though I guess they have different purposes. The biggest pet peeve about mine is that it has square edges… And the blades obviously rotate in a round circle, which makes the blended stuff build up in the corners as they cower from the deadly blades of blender-destruction… [blades let out evil laugh] ….okay. Never mind. But my point is, I think food processors are a lot handier than blenders, and that the square thing was a bit of a design fault. 🙂

      Thanks for your comments! 😀


  5. lol, you made the same mistake we did the first time we froze bananas. It is so much easier if you peel the banana and stick it in a freezer bag before you freeze it, that way no peeling trouble, and definatly no microwave. And we have made Banana soft serve, it is AMAZING!

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