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In Uncategorized on May 16, 2010 at 6:48 pm

today, i moved two recipes i bookmarked

from my “recipe” folder

into my “made” folder.

the first one is a remake:

homemade peanut butter! (again)

after reading this recipe, i was convinced

that what had gone wrong last time was

simply that i didn’t process it long enough.

so this time i persevered

and the oils in the peanuts finally released.

i admit, i was about ready to give up again:

i bought my own shelled peanuts, maybe half a pound?

then i attempted to de-skin them

by blanching them first.

as they cooled, the skin got harder to peel off.

after about 20 minutes of attempting to peel

rapidly-cooling peanuts

(successfully peeled about… twenty)

i gave up and tossed them into a big bowl

added a few huge sprinklings of salt

tossed it around like dressing a salad

then put them onto a baking sheet

and popped them into the oven.

(i love saying that. POP into the oven,

poppy pop pop into the oven

poppy poppalicious poppy pop pop!

yeah, i don’t know what that was either.)

i toasted them for about 20 minutes.

stirred them 3, 4 times.

…i burnt my peanuts a little.

i think that what i need to work on is

watching my oven. i think the temperatures

are a little high.

(that said, there are no temperature markers

on the little knob. makes things a little

difficult, to be honest.)

anyway, i POPPED my peanuts into my blendtec

(there was about double the amount of peanuts

in the blender this time, maybe about

2.5 cups of peanuts?)

and pulsed away!

at first they became powder

and then became hot clumps

(hot, because they had just been roasted.

i think that played a part as well.)

then, i added in a good tablespoon of sugar

pulsed some more

added a little more sugar

and yes, the flavour was perfect

(ish, because all i could taste, really, was…

a little bit of burntness,

a big of sweet and salty,

and a fragrant nutty finish.)

and then i blended it some more

and then i noticed that…

they weren’t clumping up against the sides anymore.

they were clumping up, but then they fell back down

to the center.

i was excited.

this meant that it was liquid and buttery enough

to move around in that sort of…

well, peanut buttery state!

i pulsed it some more, then added in the reserved peanuts

to make a sort of chunky peanut butter.

and that was it!

i was very excited.

so was my grandma.

i had made peanut butter!

i’ll never buy skippy again. yuck.

oh, but in the middle of my happiness, i decided to make:


i added chocolate chips.

they are divine.

they have this beautiful crispy crust

and a gooey, sticky bottom.

i think they turned out a little sweet, though.

maybe because i added chocolate chips.

baking tip: when baking bar-like things like:


lemon bars





line your pan with foil and allow the foil

to hang over the edges of the pan.

this way, when you take it out of the pan

they don’t stick

and once they cool

it’s incredibly easy to cut and remove them.

lessons learned today:

  • watch the oven! watch it like a hawk.
  • reduce the sugar in recipes when you add sweets like chocolate chips or dried fruit.
  • the edge pieces are the best. even my grandma knew so.
  • be patient when making nut butters. heating them beforehand helps, too.

all-in-all, today was actually a rather

productive slash relaxing day.

(not exactly productive because all i did was make a list

but it’s a beginning, right?)

i’m happy.

(sort of. i’m ignoring the fact my eating was abnormal today.)


Have you ever made blondies? Would you prefer them to brownies? What other little tricks do you have for baking/cooking?

  1. Yay, I’m glad your experience with peanut butter was better and more… peanut-buttery… this time! I have yet to make my own nut butter, although I know I should. I only buy the all-natural kind at the grocery store (ingredients: nuts, salt), and it’s ridiculously expensive. A bulk size bag of raw nuts? Probably more economical, which is important in a poor college student’s life… but I digress.

    I haven’t made that recipe, but I adore Smitten Kitchen. She makes the most wonderful things! I highly recommend her Cranberry Vanilla Coffee Cake (actually a Gourmet recipe, I think), which is what I based my last coffee cake on. It is absolutely divine.

    Happy Sunday! And I’m glad you’re still blogging. You’re fun to read. 😉

    • Haha thanks! It’s a lot more… burnt, though. 😛 I actually went to the supermarket with two options: buy peanuts, or buy peanut butter. Honestly I was contemplating buying peanut butter, but the cheapest (read: Skippy) was about… 3 times as much as the raw peanuts themselves. Plus, I learned a lot from making peanut butter this time! Economical AND educational!! 😀

      The recipe is really so simple. It’s like 1 cup sugar, 1 stick butter, 1 egg, 1 cup flour, vanilla extract, and voila! Blondies. It’s an awesomely simple recipe, and it turned out great.

      Cranberry Vanilla Coffee Cake? Sounds diviiiiiiine! Sadly I ate up all the Craisins we had just yesterday… 😦 I’ve heard that cranberries and white chocolate make a beautiful combination.

      Thanks! I like reading your blog, too. Your awesome personality always shines through! 😀


  2. Happy for your pb success! Now you can try almonds and cashews! MMMMMMM 🙂
    My only real baking “trick” is when I make gluten-dairy-egg free pancakes or muffins, I add LOTS of cinammon. It bulks up whatever I’m making and creates a ton more volume. I add lots to my cream of rice cereal and it nearly doubles in volume when I heat it up 🙂

    • I’ll definitely try almonds! AND cashews, too! XD I’ve never had any other kind of nut butter but peanut butter, and I’m really excited to try almond butter! 😀

      Woah, really? That’s so cool! I’ll definitely try adding cinnamon to my pancakes, next time. Maybe they won’t be so gummy! Thanks for the tip 🙂


  3. Yeah, it’s good, very useful, thanks 🙂

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