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first off, i’d like to thank you all

for adding to my collection of “<3s”.

it really was uplifting to see all the

encouraging and awesome comments

that all you guys leave, all tallied up

into one, easy-to-see tally.

(i “collected” 8 hearts, by the way

but 10 if you count the three that

Mary gave me.)

i can’t say much about my progress

but that i’ve kind of burned out on the

peanut butter thing.

reflection: fats really just don’t sit well

with my stomach. be it the healthy kind

(nuts, nut butters, etc) or the not-so-healthy kind

(greasy hainanese chicken, fries, oily stir-fries)

during my ED process, i consumed

little, to NO fats. needless to say,

my stomach is a little scared of them now

so i’ve unconsciously sort of weaned myself

off of my home-made peanut butter.

a little sad, really, since it was so delicious

and i was looking forward to make more…

but don’t worry.

i’ll make more.

(i was worried that i would finish it all before

my parents came home and that i wouldn’t

be able to show them some of my culinary skillz

but it looks like that’s not the case.

it’s probably not the best thing to show them

since it’s clumped up and hardened in the fridge

but i still like to add a little scoop clump blob chunk

of peanut butter to my breakfast.

they’re delicious, but in small amounts!

see, i’ve learned.)

i’m getting a little hooked on chocolate chips, though.

i probably eat 1.5 servings everyday

a small handful, here or there – delicious.

they’re semi-sweet, too, but sort of have

the same queasy effect on me that peanut butter had?

i should probably cut back a little.

i’ve been eating a few after chinese medicine

(i always get the “license” to eat something

after the nasty bitter medicine)

and a few sprinkled on yogurt

and in my yogurt messes, in with fruit,

and… not on oatmeal, because suprisingly

i haven’t been having much oatmeal lately!

i guess it’s just a little too hot.

i bought a carton of yogurt

(sugar-free, low fat, i admit)

that is rated amongst the best

(in terms of taste, texture, etc)

amongst expats here in this city.

it is good, wonderfully thick for chinese yogurt

but still. not as thick as greek.

it’s sort of like at a “drinkable” level

and i can’t eat it with a fork.

(can you eat greek yogurt with a fork??

is it THAT thick?)

anyway, these past couple days

i dice up an apple the night before

and in the morning, i add this to a bowl:

  • diced apples
  • few scoops of raw oats (a lรก Caitlin)
  • cover it all with yogurt
  • sprinkle with raisins
  • sprinkle with chocolate chips
  • sprinkle with oats garnish

and then i mix it all up,

and it becomes a yogurt mess!

yum yum yum.

(i wouldn’t have added the oats

but i realised that it was missing some carbs energy,

so i thought of Caitlin’s snack and just

added a few scoops in!

it wasn’t as nasty and raw as i thought

it sort of melted like cold oatmeal

and the bits that didn’t melt tasted like…

crunchy cereal?)

anywhooo, in other news, i need you guys’ opinion:

i torrented downloaded legally

Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred

and i’ve already done Day 1 and

Day 2.

i am doing it

in the hopes of becoming more toned,

because i suffer from a case of being

“skinny fat”. i remember a post Abby did

one day: “I fear flab.”

i concur.

i may be skinny, but i’m not strong,

athletic, or particularly muscular.

i wish i could change that, so when i saw

how short the 30 Day Shred was

(27 minutes every day? sign me up.)

i decided to try it, to tone myself.

i am terribly sore right now, especially

in my upper body and back, and i used

2-pound weights dictionaries.

(i weighed them. i actually think

they’re closer to 1-1/2 pounds.)

just to put it in perspective, the program

suggests that “beginners” start with

3-pound weights. i guess i really need

to work on upper body strength!

i like Jillian Michaels. she is very

motivating. and it was a good workout.


i am worried about what kind of effect this will have

on my body, and my mind.

the repetitive, strict nature of this program

could trigger some obsessive thoughts

not about food, but about exercise.

(good thing: i’ve vowed to eat more

because of this program.

carbs before, protein after. muscle please!)

i’ve never really been a big exerciser

even during ed.

i just restricted food, and didn’t really increase

exercise much. (i started walking everyday,

but that was it.)

i’m hoping to become more fit and more

“toned” / “sculpted” / “shredded”

by the end of these 30 days.

if i go through with it.


So what do you think? Should I continue with it, or not? Have you had experiences with the 30 Day Shred, or any other hard exercise program?

  1. hey girl. i havent tried the jm videos at all but the fact that you are sore is a good thing. it just means that you have activated muscles that you don’t normally use. i think its important that you are working out to be healthy though, building muscles and stuff but you REALLY do have to make it be JUST about that. it is a tricky path because of ED but if you know/think that you can do it for the purpose of toning, then do it. if you think it will be triggering, stop immediately. you also don’t HAVE to do the dvds everyday for 30 days. maybe take longer rest days in between and then it becomes like a 45 day shred or something. just do what you think is right for you. i think it’s great though that you are doing some strength training though. it’s good for your bones too because when you work out with weights, it stresses them and helps them rebuild stronger.

    good work on the pb. i didnt eat ANY fats during my ED but now i embrace pb and nuts like crazy. low fat cottage cheese is also waaaay better than non fat. maybe you just need to work on incorporating it more slowly?

    greek yogurt is really thick for sure. you can definitely eat it with a fork, no joke. sometimes i like drinkable yogurts but i feel like i just scarf them down so fast. any yogurt is good to me!

    • I’m definitely doing it for the toning. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I researched “calories burned” on this workout, and I didn’t find any results. I’m glad I didn’t. I want to do this for the pure muscle-building effect of this, and I’m letting myself take breaks on days where I feel like I’ve exercised already (like today – I had dance class, and I am still sore!), which I think will help.

      I don’t think that I got non-fat cottage cheese before! I have never eaten cottage cheese before that so I probably couldn’t tell the difference. I’ll try low-fat next time, thanks!

      And greek yogurt. Ohmagaaaaahhhh. I want it soooo bad… I’ve seen an article that stated if you strain normal yogurt through cheesecloth/coffee filters/paper towels+colander, a lot of liquid will drain out, the volume will halve but you’ll end up with awesomely thick yogurt. Apparently it works better with full-fat yogurts, though (low fat would tend to clump up), so I’m not entirely happy about that.


  2. oh we love 30 day shred. I think you should continue with it. Jillian Michaels has many other great video’s we would reccomend to like No more troublezones which is a lot of strength training, and Boost Metabolism if you’re looking for cardio.

    • Thanks a lot! I’ll definitely check out No More Troublezones. I’m looking for strength, more than cardio. I know you guys have done your fair share of workout DVDs, so I’ll definitely turn to you if I have any questions! Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. I’ve done the 30 day shred too, but only the first workout. I find with 5 lb weights it’s tough enough for me! Good job on trying the second one.

    As for the too much fats thing, I have the same problem when I eat too much fat or grease, I don’t digest well. The only good thing about that happening is that it reminds me that moderation is key! Next time I’m tempted to eat a jar of peanut butter I think about the possible GI-irritation and aftermath @_@ But some fat everyday is a good thing too ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Oh, no, I’ve only tried the Level 1, too! The way it works is that you do each level everyday for 10 days, and there’s your 30 days. So when I said Day 2 I actually meant the second day I did level 1… ๐Ÿ˜› I didn’t understand it at first. ๐Ÿ˜›

      I agree, fat is a good thing! As some people say, fat = flavour! (Mmm butter.) I agree – moderation is definitely key. ๐Ÿ™‚


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