food… about you!

In Uncategorized on May 24, 2010 at 8:25 am

honestly, i don’t understand that title

and i have other things to write and show you about

(my parents returned yesterday!

they brought back a LOT of chocolate,

cheese, haribo candies, and…

6 MACARONS from ladureé!

i can’t wait to show you the pictures.)

but in other news, here is a video

that i saw was featured on youtube today.

it is very cool.

i love stop-motion.

i was planning to make something like this someday…

i probably will 😉

  1. Macarons from Ladureé?! You lucky, lucky girl! Enjoy them for me 😉 What flavors did they bring back?

    • I actually don’t know yet! :O I’d have to ask my sister. It’s a shame she can’t enjoy them with me (they are “best consumed within 4 days” and she’s coming back June 1) I’ll be taking plenty of pictures in pure daylight with my dad’s dSLR. XD Look forward to the photos tomorrow! 😀


  2. Ooh wow that vid looks super cool! And the goodies your parents brought back some yum! Must be nice having them home after 2 weeks huh? =)

    Nat xoxo

    • I love that video! I did a stop motion of sorts a year ago, and I’m probably going to do another one much like this one… a stop motion of maybe a cake/cookie/sweets making process! XD Can’t wait for summer so I can relax and work on some individual projects. 🙂

      My honeymoon period with food experimentation is probably almost completely over, though. My mom looked at me weird when I told her I made peanut butter… :S


  3. wow cool video! very artistic 🙂

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