In Uncategorized on May 27, 2010 at 9:38 am

i’m sorry i’m asking you to skip so much.

skip to 8 minutes.

watch the rest of this documentary if you have time.

don’t watch it if you think it’s triggering.

it is.

part 1: (skip to 8 minutes)

part 2: (watch to 2.15)

the girl who talks about her kids is called Alisa

she taught me a lesson.

i need to watch this again. i need to learn again

what really matters to me.

i don’t want to be like brittany (the 15 year old).

as horrible as that sounds, but i don’t want to be like her.

i want to be stronger than her.

  1. ive watched that whole documentary before. it still shocks me that alisa seems so strong sometimes but as soon as she got home, she purged. i agree though, brittany – i dont want to be like her either.

    • Alisa shocked me, too. I admired her a lot before that. I still do (I actually think she is really pretty) but I had a feeling that she was recovering for her “image”… which is sort of pointless. Sort of sad.

  2. This is horribly sad, and it really connects with me. I get chills when I watch this documentary. You are stronger than her already, because see your weakness. I wish you the best. ❤

    • Me too. It’s rather triggering sometimes but I do watch it for the educational aspect and also to remind myself that I need to be stronger than these girls. Thanks for you wishes 🙂


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