macarons, take two.

In Uncategorized on May 28, 2010 at 2:40 pm

well, sorry about the two depressing posts,


as you might have gathered i do harbour

some pretty intense teenage-angst,

“woe-is-me”-style feelings.

i think the best way to tell my mom

about such issues is to write her a letter.

too bad nobody i know in real life

reads my blog.

i can’t talk to her about these kinds of issues

because i start to cry

and if there’s one thing i hate

it’s trying to talk while crying.


moving on to more happiness…

because this is just happiness in a tube, right?

correction of the flavours i had last time:

the yellow one was orange blossom.

strange, i know, considering

that it was so brightly yellow.

now yesterday…

i had to choose between these fateful four.

i think i finally got the flavours right.

from top to bottom:





now, which did i choose from these fantastic four?

drumroll, please…

hello, lovers.

as promised, i’m saving the pistachio for last.

and i was kind of hoping that the caramel

would be “salted”, so i saved that too.

i’ll be having those when i get home tonight.

now… fun with my camera in closeup shots!


isn’t that beautiful?

to be honest i can’t really taste the difference

between the flavours, though.

i can taste… sugar.

…maybe the special part is supposed to be

the texture?

because that’s certainly the best feature.

besides the cuteness, of course.

the lemon.

can you see the thick, thick filling, peeking through there?


you’ll see it, soon enough.

so i cut them in half…

look at that skin.

ew, not the word skin. the word skin

cannot be associated with such a delicious delight.

the shell.

yes, the delicate egg-shell-like shell. yum.

the rose’s innards.

the texture was sort of creamy, like

whipped cream.

as i said before,

i couldn’t really tell the difference

between the tastes.

or the smells.

you know what one of my goals is?

it’s to become a food critic. or a food snob.

i’m trying to cultivate my taste buds.

the lemon’s innards.

as you can see, it’s translucent-ish

and very very gel-ish.

i didn’t enjoy the inside very much.

it was too thick, and had a sort of…


(adjectives, adjectives…)

graaaaaassy flavour?



i saved the other halves for my mom.

now, on the agenda for tonight:

caramel and pistachio macarons

ballet class

and a pack of sour patch kids that i got from

my friend whose parents brought them back

from the usa!

i haven’t had sour patch kids ever since

summer camp, where most of the girls i knew

were from the us, and brought candy with them.

you might have noticed that i put up a wishlist.

sour patch kids is on it.

my wish will be fulfilled soon.


What’s a food product that you can only get in another country that you miss?

  1. lol for me it’s food products i want from taiwan, since technically speaking i’m studying “abroad.” i always want to bring back ALOT of food whenever i go back to visit my family over summer/winter breaks…most of them perishable or forbidden to take into the states =P. but for nonperishable goods i love those koala bear snack cookies that look like this: http://www.sakura-hostel.co.jp/blog/images/Koara%20march%204.jpg

    mmm..chocolate ones fo’ sho!

    • Me too! I sometimes crave yummy street food from Taiwan, but most of the time my cravings get quelched quickly by my mom’s very yummily Taiwanese cooking. πŸ˜‰

      I love those koala bear snacks! My favourite variety is the “reverse” one, with the chocolate cookie and white chocolate filling. Mmm. πŸ˜€


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