surprise! or, not.

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well, these were supposed to be

inconspiciously wonderfully beautiful

cakes – on the inside, anyway.

look at the original picture from the recipe

at Baking Banter (King Arthur Flour’s blog)

of course, there were a few differences:

  • mine wasn’t frosted.
  • mine didn’t have those cute monkey and zebra candy shapes.
  • mine was in cupcake form.
  • mine only had 4-5 zebra stripes.

so, without further ado, i present you:

zebra cupcakes.

your ingredients:

i didn’t take any photos of

the baking process, though.

i think the photos of the result are enough.

see the stripes?

no? well…

as you may have noticed, my cupcakes

rose and split, quite a lot.

some feedback on my baking skills/the recipe:

  • the flavour was very classic, just vanilla and chocolate cake combined sort of lightly
  • the texture was slightly too oily (the recipe called for 1 cup of oil, which actually translates to two sticks of butter!)
  • that said, my oven’s heat blares from top down (i really don’t know the official term) so the tops browned maybe a little to much and the bottoms were “moist” – read: oily.
  • i used too much baking powder, which i suspect is the reason for them rising so much.
  • i was expecting a sort of flat cupcake-thing (this looks more like muffins) that i would dust powdered sugar over. not so.


too much talk, not enough yum, yes?

now, out of the cup…

i like the way the baking powder

made them rise so much that

some of them formed little “hats”.

take off your hat, little cupcake.

(what is this, a strip tease?

first the cup/dress off, then the hat.

oh deary me.)

“please don’t kill me! please!”

the hungry executioner stood, knife at the ready.

and she went in for the kill.

“sorry, mr cupcake.

i did what had to be done.”

now i’m a surgeon.

i’m examining what went wrong in mr cupcake’s innards

that caused his untimely death.

i’m not sure.

maybe my “noms” had to do with it.

now, proof of the over-oiliness

that i found to be the case with these…

but anyway, i think that i turned out

with too little stripes.

because i made them in mini-cupcake form,


if i had made it cake-size, it would have turned out like this:

and sliced up to become this:

oh well. there’s always next time.


I think this is a lovely technique that could work with lots of different cake batters! Kudos to the awesome bakers over at Baking Banter, King Arthur Flour’s blog. Check out their new, sinful recipe: “Brownie Ice Cream Cake“. Oh, but before you click: here’s a tissue to wipe up all that drool.

Try this technique! I’d be glad to see how it would go with you guys. 🙂

  1. hi wei-wei! your cupcakes are so cute! the first shot with the tray of rows and rows of tiny cupcakes in their little cup houses looks like scoops of creamy swirled ice cream. i’ll put this on my to-cook list, in 9″ cake form. and that brownie ice cream cake? you’re right, looks so freaking good. my boyfriend’s birthday is this saturday, and i bought him an ice cream maker for it…too bad i can’t use his present to make his cake the night before!

    • Haha really? They do look like ice cream, now that you say it. ;D I hope you have more success with it than me! Be sure to tell us how it comes out and take pictures! 😉

      Wow, you have an ice cream maker? That’s freaking awesome! Happy birthday to your boyfriend, by the way. 🙂


  2. Well, I’m quite impressed that you at least attempted the zebra cake. I like baking, but have never been motivated enough to try such a thing… even in miniature form. I say, bravo! I think they’re adorable, even if they don’t have as many stripes as a full size cake. And really, as long as they taste good, no one will be complaining! 😉

    • I love baking! I have great aspirations (at some point when I feel I’m good enough I’m going to make MACARONS myself! XD) but I still have a long way to go. Nobody complained, but… meh. I’ll be a perfectionist all the way.


  3. Love recipe posts 🙂

    Your blog is great, you so should cross-post on LJ so I can see it in my Friends list!

    • Thanks Beverly! I don’t know if I’ll be able to cross-post since in China, wordpress takes long enough to load (each post, with this little words, takes up to an hour to post, including uploading pictures and everything! Meh, livejournal loads fine but I do like wordpress better in terms of layout and appearance. Thanks, though! 🙂


  4. Girl, I’m impressed with your baking skills! I love to bake, but I never really try the complicated stuff like zebra striped cakes and what not; I stick to the easy chocolate chip cookies and muffins 🙂 You definitely make me want to try something a bit more challenging, though.

    • Haha these were actually really easy! Mine turned out way messier than the “pro” one. It’s just two batters, layered on top of each other! Looks fancy, doesn’t take any fancy techniques.

      Definitely be experimental! It’s fun to play around in the kitchen. 🙂


  5. You (and this cupcake) are too cute! I think they are perfectly striped. And the hats are too die for! And I don’t think you killed the little cupcake, you just put him in a new place — your tummy!

    • Thank you Caronae! (Gosh, I love your name.) Yes, mr cupcake went to heaven…. teehee! 😉

      Thanks for dropping by my blog! I agree with what you say on your page – if I could eat two foods for the rest of my life, it would be oatmeal, apples, and PEANUT BUTTER. XD


  6. Those cupcakes looks sooo cute! I am going to have to try to make these for my dads b-day, since it is coming up 🙂

  7. That cake looks goooood! As for the muffins, I was wondering if maybe you mixed the wet and dry ingredients too much so they became a little oily. Usually, it’s best to mix until just incorporated so they become nice and fluffly. Hehe. Just a thought. Looks like you’re becoming quite the baker! Keep it up and we’ll be seeing even more yumminess coming out of your oven! Hehe.

    Nat xoxo

    • I’ve committed myself: sunday mornings are for BAKING. Then I bring all the stuff to school on Monday and pawn everything off to my friends. I don’t know who I’m going to “pawn off” to during the summer, so I guess I’ll just have to eat everything myself 😉

      I heard some other comments from the people on the blog where I got this recipe from complaining that the result was too oily. I agree, cos if you think about it 1 cup of vegetable oil might not seem like much, but it actually is equivalent to TWO sticks of butter! I’ve never used that much butter before in my life. I might also substitute some melted butter next time to give it more flavour, because… butter makes everything better, haha. 😀

      Thanks for the advice, though! I hope you’re having fun in Taiwan. 😀


  8. Hey Wei-wei,
    Just came across your blog today. Seems like you are doing a great job baking up a storm every week! I bookmarked this recipe to work on from Bakers Banter as well, it looked so good! Will definitely be making this in future.

    Wrt your cupcake tops browning too quickly, perhaps you can cover the pan with foil once you notice it is browning (especially when there is still some way to go before the cake will be done). Usually works for me 🙂

    • Hi Steffi! I’ll be baking something later tonight actually, so you’ll be seeing a post about that in a couple days or so 😉 You could change up this recipe in a number of ways! I think you could use any type of cake recipe, as long as the batter is thin enough (the emphasis is on the thin, so that you can pour it and it spreads well.)

      My mom suggested that too! Actually I think she suggested the opposite; cover with foil and then remove halfway to get a little brownness on top. But I guess your way is better, that way I can judge how brown my cupcakes will be! Thanks for the tip 😀


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