school’s, out, for, SUMMER

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summer is finally here.

summer. is. finally. here.

now, what is it about those four words

that irritates me so?

on one hand, i’m extremely happy and

am looking forward to relaaaaaax, but…

i realise that i kinda sorta have forgotten how to


strange. i have agendas and schedules on the brain.

it ties in with that productivity issue i mentioned.

i mean, okay, i’m being productive right now

and posting something after four days, but

i have this list of things to do:

  • send an email inquiring about a dog adoption meetup on sunday
  • apply for an architecture camp which i am not so sure about
  • reply to an email from a lovely reader
  • find more potential summer camps in shanghai
  • buy a damn graphing calculator

okay maybe i’m not being entirely serious, but the point is

what used to occupy this list was schoolwork… and blogwork.

(i’m not implying that blogging is work.

well… hm.

it is, frankly, because i’ve been putting off this post

for two days, already.

and if there’s one feature of bloggers i’ve noticed,

it’s that they’re very punctual.

blog publishing is so fast and so easy,

that posts are almost always very up-to-date.)

but the subject of this post today is…


now, let me back up and explain to you the situation

at our school.

nay, in theΒ fair town of verona city of shanghai!

shanghai is divided into east and west by a river.

the river in chinese is known as a “pu.”

(don’t laugh.)

and east in chinese is “dong”, and west is “xi”.

so, put them together and you’ve got “pudong” and puxi”.

(“xi” is pronounced shee, by the way.)

well, now let me introduce my school.

my school has two campuses: one in pudong, and one in puxi.

i do believe that puxi is the older one, and…

there’s always been a rivalry between the two.

i live closer to the puxi campus, and i’m on the waiting list.

the problem is, i don’t want to go to puxi.

i don’t want to go through what i went through again

when i transferred from my old school.

besides, i’ve made an identity for myself here,

with my teachers and peers.

now, another explanation: maybe about 60% of my classmates

are on the waiting list for puxi.

and… in our little “friendship group”… about 85% is leaving next year.

to puxi. they got accepted.

and most of them are in the “cooler” part of the group.

(that sounds so mean, but if i had to be honest

they’d be the ones i’d want to be associated with.)

now, i could see the fact that almost all of them are leaving

as a bad thing and cry and be led along to puxi with them,

or i could stay at pudong.

and continue building on my identity.

y’see, it’s like a new beginning, for me.

in the beginning of next semester, there will be new kids.

new kids = new potential friends.

in the beginning of this year, i was withdrawn and aloof

of everyone else.

as a result, i didn’t “bond” with the group as i would’ve

if i had “joined” earlier.

(or it could be that we just weren’t meant to be friends.)

(or maybe because i’m boring! gasp.)

so i was thinking…

why not make a new start for myself?

make new friends next year, from scratch.



i’m staying, and that’s final.

i don’t want to readjust

i don’t want to leave

i don’t want to be blindly led on by “friends” which

i’m not even sure about.

i just hope i can find someone i can get along with next year.

wish. me. luck!

ps: remember my suckup fail?

well, SUCK IT suckaaaaas,

cos the last day of school was a suckup WIN.

hint hint:

does anybody know how to balance out

the blue background?

i use the colour balance tool in Photoshop, but

i can’t edit the cookie and the background separately.

blue does not suit food.


What are you looking forward to at the END of this summer?

  1. Go you, Wei-Wei! As I was reading, I thought you’d end the post by asking whether you should stay at Pudong or transfer to Puxi, and I was gonna say you should stay at Pudong for sure. So I’m glad you reached the same conclusion! In general I find that it’s better to stick with things and see them improve than to go chasing after something new that may or may not work out. Now you’ll be the Puxi native next year and can pick out the new students you want to befriend and help settle in.

    I’m jealous of your summer break! I finished finals last week and now I have bar study class every day and then have to go home and study for 6 hours 😦 I’m looking forward to taking the bar exam and then taking a bar trip maybe through China, Mongolia, and Russia.

    • Great minds think alike, I’m guessing? πŸ˜‰ I just wanted a whole new beginning and another chance at making friends from scratch. Besides, I’ve been involved with a lot of leadership positions in Pudong (I’m on the layout team for MUN press next year!) and I don’t want to leave that behind.

      A trip through China, Mongolia and Russia? That sounds amazing! I actually am quite curious about Russia… πŸ™‚ Good luck with your exam! (What’s “bar” exam…?)


  2. yayyy summer! go enjoy yourself and just don’t do anything productive πŸ˜‰ That was what my summers were like back in high school. Zero productivity.

    • Zero productivity FTW! I guess it only happens during high school πŸ˜‰ I’m thinking about going to learn German, though. I’d like to get something out of this summer! πŸ˜€


  3. The leadership stuff will help a lot when you apply to college, so it sounds like you’re making the right decision. MUN = Model UN?

    The bar exam is the exam that you have to take after law school in the U.S. to be qualified as a lawyer. It’s too full days and isn’t pretty 😦

    • Yup, MUN is Model United Nations. It’s a pretty big thing, and I probably wasn’t as excited as I should have been… the teacher supervising was screaming and hugging me and I was just “…whuuuuuuut?”

      Man, that sounds like hard work. I’m sure you’ll make it, though! πŸ™‚


  4. UM EXCUSE ME. WAS THAT A KNIGHTS TALE REFERENCE???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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